What is computing power?

What makes a supercomputer so super?

Supercomputers can process complex calculations very quickly.

As it turns out, that’s the secret behind computing power. It all comes down to how fast a machine can perform an operation. Your computer’s processor interprets any command you execute as a series of math problems. Faster processors can handle more calculations per second than slower ones, and they’re also better at handling really tough calculations.

According to an IDC whitepaper, economic growth directly correlates with the development of computing. One point of growth in the computing index results into a 3.3% rise in the digital economy and a 1.8% rise in the GDP. As it happens, the development of emerging technologies and computing are mutually beneficial. Therefore, an improvement in the computing power drives an improvement in AI, which in turn drives the improvement in computing power. It highlights the fact that improvement in computing power is an indicator of productivity. Computing power also becomes the determining factor in the growth of AI.

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